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6 Questions You Need To Answer To Ensure A Successful Marketing Campaign

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

1. What is ROI to me?

This is probably one of the most important things you need to consider before entering into the development phase of a campaign yourself or with a marketer. This will dictate how the campaign itself is built out. Marketing is an investment just like any other. Would you enter into any investment without expectations of a return? Identify those and convey them to the campaign designer. Does this mean you’ll get 5 new clients for every X dollars you spend initially? Probably not, but “conversions'' happen in phases. There’s a sales cycle that takes place and it takes time. Start with where you want to go, and let your marketing team build out your sales funnel for you.

2. How long will it take?

The right amount of time is usually a quarter. As mentioned above, there’s a sales cycle our audience has to go through. While the sales cycle is shorter for some purchases, whether you are selling a product or a service, you are going to need to take your audience through the sales cycle (funnel). Would you buy a high-ticket product or service without trusting the brand and understanding the value first? Probably not! During the quarter, identify 1-3 conversions that will lead your target market through the process that will eventually lead them to what you want them to do. Re-evaluate each quarter. Where you are seeing ROI, re-invest to put your brand into “growth mode.”

3. What types of conversions are meaningful to me?

So, what are those conversions we talk about above? You may immediately think of phone calls, clicks through ads, purchases, etc. Great, but you want to think about which actions will lead you to your end goal. For example, if you are in the market for a course for business owners, what will lead you to make your decision? First, you’d probably want to see something valuable from the brand to pique your interest (a brand awareness ad/conversion), then, you are going to need to build trust in the brand, so you may be served an ad with testimonials that prompt you to follow the page of the brand or engage with ad (both conversions). Next, perhaps you’ll be offered a free resource in exchange for your email address (another conversion). Eventually, you will be prompted with a strong CTA to enroll in the course. These are all important conversions you’ll want to track throughout your first quarter of running an ad campaign. A phone call from the wrong audience is less valuable than a click from your target market.

4. Is my ideal customer persona built out?

This is KEY! Whether you are investing in organic social media design or a paid ad campaign, it’s critical that you know exactly who your target market is. Everything from your brand’s colors, tone, and even fonts convey a message. If you are paying for paid advertising, you are wasting ad dollars by marketing to the wrong audience. Take the time to work with your marketing team on identifying your customer persona in a meaningful way. There should be a discovery process you go through to clearly identify these personas.

5. What CTA and creatives will be most effective?

Once you've built out your customer personas, you can start to craft ideal messaging and creatives. Invest in having a professional do this for you if you don’t have experience doing this yourself. Your marketing team probably has someone on staff that specializes in the psychology of branding and messaging. This piece is so important because even if your targeting is on point, if your ad is not engaging or not professionally designed, you’ll lose brand trust and your engagement and quality score will be very low, resulting in wasted ad spend. Your marketing team should run test ads for different messaging, CTAs, and design options to see what yields the best results. Make sure your CTAs match whatever conversion you have set for your campaign (if this is a paid campaign), and make sure it makes sense to who you are targeting!

6. How will I measure campaign effectiveness?

Your marketing team will set KPIs for you and your campaign. These should correlate with the conversion objectives you have set. For paid advertising, these will need to be watched closely by whoever is running your campaign, especially for the first 2 weeks. From there, you’ll want to pick (or your marketing team will give you) 2-5 KPIs and benchmarks to measure monthly and quarterly. Small adjustments may be made over the course of the month, and larger adjustments should be made quarterly.

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