• Michelle Merz

Increase Sales By 69% With Abandoned Cart Emails!

We've all been there. We saw an ad or post for something that grabbed our attention. The item makes it to our cart but then we get distracted, we aren't completely sold on the product. What are the chances you'll go back and make the purchase?

If this happens to you as a business owner, you can leverage abandoned cart emails to kindly remind people to come back to purchase their items. You know the ones you receive the day after leaving your cart behind that say, "Hello! You left something in your cart!"

Abandon cart emails are sent to customers when they leave a page without purchasing what is in their cart. Sending 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than just sending one email.

Here are some tips on how you can capitalize on them!

Email #1: This message can be a friendly reminder that assumes the customer just got distracted. Use a cheeky or playful subject line such as, "We're holding onto your goodies for you" or "Oops! There's some stuff still sitting in your cart."

If the 1st email doesn't bring the customer back, send a 2nd email 24 hours later (enough time to not pester them, but not enough time that the customer forgets what they wanted to buy).

Email #2: Create a sense of urgency. Let your customer know that their discount may expire or that a product they selected might not be available much longer. Examples of this could be: "Don't let [your item] sell out” or "Your discount will expire in 7 hours."

Email #3: If they still haven't completed the order, offer the customer an incentive to come back, maybe a promo code or free shipping. For this email, use a more direct subject line such as, “We want you back!” The 3rd email is your last chance to grab the customer’s attention, so make it count.

Now, go collect all that money left on the table in those abandoned carts! You've got this!

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