• Michelle Merz

Three Types of Traffic & How to Nurture These Leads into Sales

Do you ever wonder why some people that interact with your brand are ready to buy now, while others tend to lurk around just consuming your content? We have answers!

There are three different types of traffic you'll encounter when trying to turn your prospects into buyers.

The top of the pyramid is prospects that are already in buy mode. They're actively searching Google for a solution. The best way to reach these prospects is through Google Ads, SEO, and your Google My Business Listing (see, we told you it's important).

The second group of prospects is in the awareness stage, meaning they know they are aware they have a problem and are open to buying, but they aren't actively looking yet.

The third group is made up of cold prospects. This means they aren't searching and don't even know that they have a problem, however, they could be a good candidate for your products or services.

It's important to make sure your marketing message matches the temperature of your audience! A free consultation packed with value may seem like a game-changer, but maybe your prospect is cold and isn't ready for that level of commitment... yet. A more suitable offer for a cold audience would be a quiz or a free guide. If you're lead is piping hot, send them straight to the shopping cart. The in-between consists of people that know you, but may not trust you yet. Provide value to these prospects and focus on relationship building.

If you want to convert visitors, you have to adjust your message and meet them where they're at. Not all will be ready to buy off the get-go and need a little nurturing along their journey.

How to Nurture Your Leads from Cold to Ready-to-Buy

Marketing is like dating. There's a series of events and steps that much take place in order for your relationship to progress. For example, maybe you meet at a bar. You may offer to buy the person a drink, have a conversation, and exchange numbers. Then you offer to take them on a first date. Then a second. You start dating and as things get more serious, you get engaged. And then married.

Business is very similar, yet most businesses are still out there asking people to marry them on the first date! Instead of capturing leads, building value, educating your prospects, and then asking for the buy, most businesses are out there screaming, "Come and buy our stuff!"

A better approach would be warming them up and taking them out a few times, so they start to know, like, and trust you. Here are some tips:

- Get to know more about your customer than their age and hometown. Use surveys, interviews, and conversations to learn their deeper needs, values, and desires.

- Once you know what your audience wants, you can create an offer (product or service) that matches that want and talk about it in a way that highlights the features and benefits they’ll love. You need to sell them what they want, not what you think they need.

- Build relatability by sharing stories about both your wins and your losses. Be genuine, true, and relevant to what your business is about. Educate your audience and provide value to gain their trust.

- Free value definitely has its place in building trust, but if you want to be profitable don’t forget to also ask your audience to be active and invest in their own development as you get to know each other.

- Not everyone you reach will take you up on your offer, and not everyone will take action immediately. It pays to be consistent and persistent.

Stay committed to your vision, keep showing up and we have no doubt you’ll fill your calendar with incredible clients very soon!

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